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The Breehah



A breehah is a marsupial being which looks like a centaur with paws instead of hooves. It is about the size of a large dog (about 1.3 meters on all fours,) and has two elbow joints per arm. It's head is roughly egg shaped. From it's head protrude two trumpet-like ears, one large compound eye, and two thick antennas, which sense odors and also indicate basic emotional states. Below the eye is a mouth used primarily for eating and speaking. On each side of the mouth are four horizontal breathing slits.


The breehah's home planet, Siloenar is an Earth-like planet with two small moons.


Breehah dwellings are largely dome shaped buildings built partially under the surface. Their furnishings are sparse, consisting of cushions on the floor and low tables as the breehah sit on their haunches much as a dog would on Earth. They live in family groups, the parents supporting the offspring until they can support themselves. Breehahs would seem to humans to be very religious.
When a breehah falls deathly ill, it is customary for friends and relatives to be summoned.


Breehahs were discovered by early Koplushian explorer ships early in Koplushian History. Koplushians made contact with the primitive breehah and began taking over the planet. The breehah fought back in a bloody war which nearly resulted in their extinction. Today breehahs exist happily in the Koplushian Alliance.


Breehahs are marsupials, the female carrying its young in a pouch for nearly an entire year.


Breehahs have two thick antennas which reflect their basic emotional state much the way human facial expressions do.

Normally, the antennas droop forward.

When angry, they stand up straight.

A happy bree'hah's antennas will droop forward and be turned out.

Confusion is shown by crossed antennas,

and sadness by forward drooping antennas turned inward.

fear is shown by backwards drooping antennas.


Siloenar is the fourth planet from its sun, Poek.

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