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The Karplans



My apologies to Arthur Dent. He's the most typical Terran I can think of.

Karplans are normal looking humans with distinct racial groups. They more or less represent racial types found in the Alliance save for the Vritians.


Karpla is a planet fully capable of maintaining a human population. It's surface is about three quarters covered with water. Karpla's axial tilt is sufficient for seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Karpla has one large natural satellite capable of creating tides in it's oceans.


The cultures of Karpla are varied and distinct. With no worldwide governing body, Karpla consists of roughly 200 semi-independant nation states. Conflicts frequently erupt over division of resources and political boundaries. Their technology is slowly improving, but remains far below that of the Alliance.


Karpla was discovered by Captain Dagrith Karpla while on a deep space mission into the 'Unknown Sector.' There he discovered primitive humans living on the third planet around a G-class star. Contact was attempted, but the inhabitants were not in a state of high civilization. It was decided by the Alliance Council to place planet Karpla under protected status. The Eruithairkans, an advanced xenophobic race, control the area around the Karplan system and monitor the communication transmissions which began emanating from the planet some 100 years ago.

Thus far no Karplans have left their world for interstellar space, nor have any space settlements been founded.


Karplans reproduce as humans do. If you need more than that, then google it.


Karpla is the third in a system of eight planets.

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