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The Koplushians

The Koplushian language



Koplushians are normal looking humans. The group which escaped planet Norm 10,000 years ago were mainly Caucasians, but characteristics of other racial groups are occasionally evident.


Koplushia is a metal poor Earth-like planet. Tectonically inactive, the lack of a strong magnetic field has caused the inhabitants to live underground; long-term surface exposure would be damaging to humans.


The culture of Koplushia is very homogeneous. Citizens live in underground residential complexes and the surface is landscaped. There is no money exchanged on Koplushia. Services such as food, shelter, etc. are provided by the government. Different occupations rate different levels of esteem and certain privileges. Citizens are given Occupational Classifications depending upon openings, and their abilities.


10,000 years ago the ancestors of the Koplushians escaped a conflict on their planet or origin. Using augmented orbiting settlements, they left their star system and headed for a nearby star system containing an inhabitable planet. Only primitive life had evolved there, so they took up residence. Discovery of a way to travel through space faster than light enabled the Koplushians to begin exploring space around them. A natural catastrophe caused the Koplushians to abandon this world and search for another.

The second planet in the Wid system was habitable yet uninhabited and they established themselves there. Space explorations discovered other star systems inhabited by aliens and other humans. A religion developed explaining the 'human planets' as being refugees from an original human world from pre-historical times.

Koplushia, being the most advance in technology became the center of an Alliance of humans and aliens. Through their control of technology they have remained the center of power.


Humans reproduce as humans do. If you need more than that, then google it.


Koplushia is the second planet in a system of three. The closest planet to the star is mercury like, the farthest one out is much like Neptune. Koplushia has no natural satellite.



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