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The Normians


Normians are normal looking humans with distinct racial groups. They more or less represent racial types found elsewhere in the Alliance save for the Vritians.


Norm is typical human-habitable planet. It's surface is about half covered with water. Norm's axial tilt is sufficient for seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Norm has one large natural satellite capable of creating tides in it's oceans.


Not much is known about the cultures of planet Norm. Sometime after the Koplushian exodus, the structure of the society apparenty failed and had to be rebuilt.


The Koplushians escaped from planet Norm about 10,000 years ago using modified space settlements. Sometime after this, the societal structure of Norm collaped leading to a period of anarchy. Today Norm has limited sub-light space travel capability, though it is believed there has been some contact with the vritians and the blaisardee.


Karplans reproduce as humans do. If you need more than that, then google it.



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