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The Karplan language


Vritians are normal looking humans with distinct racial groups. They more or less represent racial types found in the Alliance save for the Vritians. The only difference between the typical human and a vritian is that the skin of the vritian is not attached to the fst layer, giving the impression on the face of jowls. Tha majority of vritians are olive skinned.


Humans usually live on terrestrial type planets with oxygen-nitrogen atmospheres. Below are a few of the spec~fics of the Human planets.

Vrit: 1.02 X Earth gravity, 3 continents, several large mountain chains.


Vrit: Most Vritians practice polyfidelity.


When the first Koplushian ship encountered a robot probe from Vrit, it was met with both adulation and concern. The Vritians were vere very advanced in space travel. The Vritian star system was even then littered with space settlements and to this day they manufacture the best spacecraft.


Vritians reproduce as humans do. If you need more than that, then google it.



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