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The Eruithairk

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Eruithairkans are grey-green amphibious oxygen-breathers which best resemble a squid. They have about

the same mass as an adult human, but distributed differently. They have two large yellow eyes (one on either side) of an elongated head-body. They walk on three short legs and have two specialized sets of tentacles. Two tentacles are short, large and muscular (very good for lifting.) The other three are longer and each is tipped with three fingers for manipulation.


Eruithairkans live on a planet known as Eruithairk. The planet is very wet with mostly shallow seas and several medium-sized continents.


Their languages consist of what humans would call gurgling sounds, none of which can be differentiated by the human ear without extensive training. Very few linguists have successfully communicated with the Eruithairkans in their own language.


The Eruithairk are sexual beings and the young may grow on either (or both) of the parents as a bud. Actual details are not available.


Eruithairk is the third planet out from its star.

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