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Latin Phrases

(last update 27 June 2006)

In this section, you will find some Latin language phrases which I got from a book called Talking Your Way Around the World, by Mario Pei. As this book was published sometime in the late 1950's/early 1960's, and I'm working off of a photocopy of the one chapter, I'm willing to listen to suggestions for additions or any reports of glaring errors on my part.

Most of all, I'd like to invite your feedback to me on this small project.


English Latin Latin Pronounciation Esperanto Note
A little Paulum POW-loom iomete  
Be safe and Sound Salve SAHL-way
Behold, here is, Here are Ecce EHK-kay or EH-chay Jen  
Bring (to) me Affer Mihi AHF-fer MEE-hee Alportu  
Can you? Potesne? paw-TES-nay Cxu vi povas  
Come in Intro veni EEN-troh WEH-nee Envenu  
Do you know? Scisne? SKIS-nay or SHIS-nay Cxu vi scias?  
Do you speak English? Loquerisne anglice? loh-quay-RIS-nay AHN-glee-kay Cxu vi parolas angle?  
Do you speak Esperanto? Loquerisne esperante? loh-quay-RIS-nay ehs-peh-RAHN-tay Cxu vi parolas Esperante? Perhaps not
Do you speak French? Loquerisne gallice? loh-quay-RIS-nay GAHL-lee-kay Cxu vi parolas france?  
Do you speak German? Loquerisne teutonice? loh-quay-RIS-nay teh-oo-TOH-nee-kay Cxu vi parolas germane?  
Do you speak Italian? Loquerisne italice? loh-quay-RIS-nay ee-TAH-lee-kay Cxu vi parolas itale?  
Do you speak Latin? Loquerisne latine? loh-quay-RIS-nay lah-TEE-nay Cxu vi parolas Latine?  
Do you speak Spanish? Loquerisne hispanice? loh-quay-RIS-nay his-PAH-nee-kay Cxu vi parolas hispane?  
Do you understand? Intelligisne? in-tel-lay-GIS-nay Cxu vi komprenas?  
Do you want a glass of water? Poculum aquae cupisne? PAW-koo-loom AH-quay koo-PIS-nay Cxu vi deziras glason da akvo?  
Don't you understand? Nonne intellegis? NOHN-nay in-TEL-lay-gis Cxu vi ne komprenas?  
Give (to) me Da mihi DAH MEE-hee Donu al mi  
Give me a slice of bread Da mihi segmentum panis DAH MEE-hee seg-MEN-toom PAH-nis Donu al mi trancxajxon da pano  
Gladly Libenter lee-BEN-tehr Gxoje  
Go with me Vade mecum WAH-day MAY-koom Iru kun mi  
Hail Ave AH-way Saluton  
How much (price) Quantum? QUAN-toom Kiom kostas  
I beg you, please Impetro EEM-pet-ro Mi petas  
I beg you, please Te rogo EEM-pet-roTAY RO-go Mi petas  
I cannot Non possum NOHN PAWS-soom Mi ne povas  
I don't know Nescio NAY-skee-o or NAY-shee-o Mi ne scias  
I don't understand Non intellego NOHN in-TEL-lay-go Mi ne komprenas  
I need a doctor Mihi necesse est medicus MEE-hee nay-KEHS-say MAY-dee-koos Mi bezonas kuracisto  
I need a interpreter Mihi necesse est interpres MEE-hee nay-KEHS-say in-TEHR-prays Mi bezonas interpretisto  
I need a policeman Mihi necesse est vigil MEE-hee nay-KEHS-say WEE-gil Mi bezonas policanon  
I need a porter Mihi necesse est bajulus MEE-hee nay-KEHS-say BAH-yoo-loos Mi bezonas portisto  
I want Volo WOH-loh Mi volas  
I'm an American citizen Civis americanus sum KEE-wis ah-may-ree-KAH-noos SOOM Mi estas Usonano  
I'm hungry and thirsty Esaurio atque sitio eh-SOW-ree-o AHT-quay SIT-ee-o Mi malsatas kaj soifas  
I'm looking for a hotel Cauponam quaero kow-PO-nahm QUAY-ro Mi sercxas por hotelo  
I'm Sorry Poenitet me POY-nit-et MAY Mi bedauras  
I'm Sorry Dolet me DO-let MAY Mi bedauras  
If you are well, I am well Si tu vales, ego valeo SEE TOO WAH-lays, EH-go WAH-leh-o Se vi sanas, mi sanas  
It's bad weather Immitis est tempestas im-MEE-tis EST tem-PES-tahs Estas malbona vetero  
It's cold Frigus est FREE-goos EST Fridas  
It's fine weather Serena est tempestas Say-RAY-nah EST tem-PES-tahs Estas bona vetero  
It's nothing, don't mention it Nihil est NEE-hil EST Tute ne  
It's raining Pluit PLoo-it Pluvas  
It's snowing today Ningit hodie NIN-git HOH-dee-ay Negxas hodiau  
It's warm Calet aer KAH-let AH-ehr Varmas  
Look! Aspice! AHS-pee-kay Rigardu!  
My stomach is barking Latrat stomachus LAH-traht STO-mah-koos
Idiomatic for "I'm starving.
Nothing else Nihil magis NEE-hil MAH-gis Neniom plu  
On (or to) the left Sinistra Manu see-NEES-trah MAH-noo Maldekstre(n)  
On (or to) the right Dextera manu DEK-steh-rah MAH-noo Dekstre(n)  
Pardon me Ignosce eeg-NO-skay, eeg-NO-shay Parnonu min  
Show (to) me Ostende mihi aw-STEN-day MEE-hee Montru al mi  
Speak more slowly Loquere lentius LOH-quay-ray LN-tee-oos Parolu pli malrapide  
Telephone Hello Quis loquitur? QUIS LO-quit-oor Saluton, Ha lo Useful for telephone
Tell me Dic mihi DEEK MEE-hee Diru al mi  
Thank You Gratias tibi ago GRAH-tee-ahs TIB-ee AH-go Dankon  
Waiter, bring me a bottle of beer. Speed it up! Serve, affer mihi ampullam cerevisiae. Festina! SER-way, AHF-fehr MEE-hee ahm-POOL-lahm Kay-ray-WEE-see-ay. fehs-TEE-nah Kelnero, portu botelon da biero. Rapidu!  
What are you doing tomorrow? Quid mane ages? QUID MAH-nay AH-gays Kion vi faros morgau?  
What are you doing? Quid agis? QUID AH-gis Kion vi faras?  
What else Quid magis? QUID MAH-gis? Kio plu?  
What's going on? Quid agitur? QUID AH-git-oor Kio okazas?  
Where are we going now? Quo vadimus nunc? QUO Wah-dee-moos NOONK Kien ni iras nun?  
Where are you going? Quo Vadis? QUO WAH-dis Kien vi iras?  
Where are? Ubi sunt? OO-bee SUNT Kie estas?  
Where is the bathroom? Ubi est balneum? OO-bee EST BAHL-may-oom Kie estas la banejo?  
Where is the dining room? Ubi est triclinium? OO-bee EST tree-KLEE-nee-oom Kie estas la mangxejo?  
Where is? Ubi est? OO-bee EST Kie estas?  
Which Way? Qua via? QUAH WEE-ah Kiu direkto?  
Who are you? Qui es? QUEE EHS Kiu vi estas?  
Who is speaking? Quis loquitur? QUIS LO-quit-oor
Useful for telephone