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(A proposed version of Monopoly(R) in Esperanto)

What the heck is Esperanto?

While working on an Esperanto 'translation' of the Monopoly board, it was suggested I make a completely 'Esperanto-ized' version. While I'm well aware of the dim prospects of it ever being commercially produced, I've created this page in the hopes that someday, someone will take up the flag, and produce this game for sale. (I'll be using all this work to make one set for myself, as I know someone who can print out and laminate something the size of the board in color.)

Below you will see the notes and progress I/We've made in figuring out the board, cards, etc. Have suggestions? Contact me below.

Dave Rutan


The street names below were suggested by Christopher Zervic. They are named after the early cities in which Esperanto World Congresses were held.


I'm using the old Spesmil, an obsolete proposed international money system which, unless someone can come up with true examples, I'll have to create (see below.) I don't want it to be too fancy for duplication purposes. It would be idea to have it a black line art so it could be produced on a b/w photocopier. Color copies are expensive. On the other hand, printed in green ink on pastel colored paper, they should look really sharp indeed.

Having created a few money oriented board games, I'm keeping the prices for the properties at where the original Monopoly had them. Otherwise one runs the risk of 'unbalancing' the game. Looking at the box on the 'New Improved and Modernized' Monopoly set, I see they've jacked up the prices. I see this as only complicating things. My seven year old daughter has no problem doing the math to make change in the old game. I doubt she'd like to do mental addition/subtractions in the 1,000's.


Since Esperanto has to do with communication and travel, perhaps a car, ship, plane, train, horse, etc. would be appropriate. A little globe would be nice too. If available, I suppose world landmarks, such as the Eifell tower or the tower at Pisa would work well. (just my thoughts.)

Deed Card


Placo de Zamenhof

Lupago Sm50

Kun 1 Domo
Sm 200
Kun 2 Domoj
Kun 3 Domoj
1 400
Kun 4 Domoj
1 ,700
Kun Hotelo Sm 2 000
Hipoteka Valoro Sm 200
Domojkostas po Sm 200
Hoteloj po Sm 200 plus 4 Domoj

Se ludanto posedas CXIUJ la bienojn de iu kolorgrupo, la lupago estas duoble por neplibonigitaj bienoj en tiu grupo.

The Money:

Spesmilo: a proposed international currency.  this design is for an Esperanto version of Monoploy

Useful Phrases for playing Monopoly:

Cxu vi intersxangus 'Baltic'-on por 'Boardwalk'-on? - Would you trade me Baltic for Boardwalk?

Cxu vi jam pagis min? - Did you already pay me?

Mi acxetas gxin. - I'm buying it.

Mi faligis la jxetkubojn. - I dropped the dice.

Mi ne posedas gxin. - I don't own it.

Mi posedas gxin - I own it.

Mi redonas al vi la cxifitan bileton. - I'm giving you back la crumpled dollar bill.

Mi volas esti la sxuo. - I want to be the shoe.

Ne donu al mi la cxifitan kvindolaran bileton! - Don't give me the crumpled five dollar bill!

Vi sxuldas al mi kvindek spesmiloj. - You owe me fifty spesmils.


'Thank You!' to those who have inspired me, corrected me, or otherwise given me input on this project:


The Gang at Multilingual Munchkins

Christopher Zervic

Alan Mendelawitz

Wikipedia entry (in Esperanto) about Monopoly

Here's a version of Monopoly in Esperanto which can be printed out and played. (some assembly required)

Someone else's idea for this game...