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Copyright © 1999 David E. Rutan

Synopsis of The Observer


David E. Rutan


Observer Spaselopedus Barinium from the Koplushian Alliance is abducted, beaten, and dumped on Earth in the year 2027 A.D. At first he thinks it may be a holographic prank, but the taste of blood on his lips and the bruises on his body convince him it's very real.

He sees a vehicle moving in the distance, and goes after it in the hope of finding medical assistance. After hours of walking and resting he reaches a house at dusk and pounds on the door, then faints.


Spaselopedus awakes in the house of an old homesteader named Barbara Henning. He desperately wants to know why he was put on Earth and by whom. Earth is primitive technologically to him and the woman doesn't know his language.

After weeks of recuperation, Spaselopedus learns the English language and finally gains access to Barbara's archaic computer, but it has no information about his home, Koplushia, or even when this 'colony Earth' was founded.


Weeks later Barbara's daughter, Linda Prescott arrives for a visit. She arrives in an aero, a sleek Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle.

Linda wishes her mother wouldn't take in strays as hired hands and is immediately suspicious of Spaselopedus.

Spaselopedus is thrilled to see something as high-tech as the aero. He learns that Linda works for Lunacorp, an aerospace firm, and decides he would have a better chance at getting off Earth if he linked up with her.


Barbara sends them to town to buy Spaselopedus some proper-fitting trousers. On the way, he tries to tell Linda of his otherworldly origins. She dismisses him. With the help of a hacker, he discovers that Lunacorp is building a ship that will travel faster than light. Spaselopedus uses the computer to insert an ID and apply at Lunacorp.


When Linda finds him, he and the hacker are looking at a Senator's financial records. She pulls him from the computer store and back to the aero to return to her mother's homestead.

When they return to the aero, uncouth youths are playing on it. Linda tells them to get off, but they merely threaten her. She climbs up and tries to pull them off but they fight back. Spaselopedus comes to help.

The kids are chased away finally. Spaselopedus and Linda take off in the aero and leave. Linda gets a call from work saying they need her back immediately. She drops Spaselopedus off at her mother's house and leaves. Spaselopedus despairs at his failure to hook up with her.


Linda arrives at Lunacorp headquarters in Sacramento. In a meeting with her boss, Dr. Scott Michaels, she learns that a key member of their project has quit. Linda knows the timeframe of the project is important and tries to convince the programmer to keep working. Charlie Lin, the programmer refuses. Linda must find a replacement.

She works all night in her office examining resumes from recent applicants, but none of them are currently available. Kenneth Townsend, the head of the Sacramento headquarters, brings in an application. It was filled out by Spaselopedus when he was online at the computer store. Linda doesn't want to hire him because he talks crazy, but Townsend says they need Spaselopedus and threatens to send the application to Michaels. Linda submits and fetches Spaselopedus.


Spaselopedus is hired by Lunacorp and is sent up to their facility on the moon. Once there, he is told more about the project. They are building a small ship, the 'Michaels Pod', capable of traveling faster than the speed of light using hyperspace. Spaselopedus plans to steal the Pod to return to the Alliance. Then he will discover who put him on Earth and why.

When he attempts to steal the Pod, Linda confronts him. Knowing that he will never get the chance again, Spaselopedus throws the switch taking himself and Linda sixteen billion miles (1 light-day) away from Earth. Linda is very upset.


After the jump through hyperspace, Linda tries to get Spaselopedus to take them back. He refuses. She doesn't believe they're going to be picked up by aliens and thinks he's a maniac. After a few hours an explosion rocks the Pod and the lights dim.

The fusion reactor explodes. The life support systems are operating on batteries and will soon run down. Linda is upset at the prospect of death and Spaselopedus feels terrible at having dragged her into this misadventure. As the coldness of space presses in on them he silently vows that if they survive, he will do everything he can to return Linda home.


They are rescued and brought onto a spaceship from the Koplushian Alliance. Spaselopedus gives his deposition to the ship's Observer and is dismissed. When the ship reaches Koplushia, he and Linda disembark and are arrested by security.


Spaselopedus is visited in his cell by a useless public defender. He demands to see the Observer's Guild representative. When the Guild Representative, Wilm Kiprim, arrives, he offers Spaselopedus the opportunity to join a secret task-force that helps the Alliance. Spaselopedus says he wants to think it over.


He is awakened by an Underground agent in his cell. The agent, Kelgin, explains that Spaselopedus' life is in danger. He reminds him of a memo which Spaselopedus saw while playing around on his computer. Spaselopedus remembers the event and makes the connection between it and his abduction. He leaves with Kelgin.


Linda finds herself in a cell. Soon a man enters and introduces himself as Wilm Kiprim, an anthropologist. Kiprim wants to talk about Earth and learn about its culture. Linda agrees provided he supplies her with some real food. (They've been feeding her 'foodcubes' that taste like soap.) They talk about Earth for several hours.

She asks Kiprim if he can help her. He answers that he cannot and leaves. Linda reflects on being alone and remembers the loss of her husband six years before.


Spaselopedus is brought to the Underground's hideaway in the subway tunnels of Koplushia. Kelgin and Shirma, another agent, bring him to Prysin, a more experienced agent, who tries to convince him of their need. The Underground wants the freedom to live their lives independent of the Koplushian Council because the Council provides for every need, keeping a tight grip on it's citizens.

They also want Spaselopedus to tell that he has proof, via his seeing the memo, that the Koplushian Government is killing its citizens to keep secret the technology for hyperspatial travel He agrees providing they help free Linda for him.


They free Linda from detention easily and teach her the local language overnight electronically. The next day however, Prysin is found dead in his room. Shirma and Kelgin are sure it was done by the Koplushian Intervention Task-force, a super-secret division of Koplushia's Intelligence ministry. It is the KIT that protects Koplushia's secret of hyperspatial travel. Spaselopedus, Linda, Kelgin and Shirma decide to go to Ozmodin, the planet involving the incident in the memo.


On the way to Ozmodin, their ship is attacked and destroyed. Spaselopedus and Linda escape in a life pod and are picked up by another ship. The ship is manned by the 'Sentinels', a space-faring Underground cell who pretend to be the Spaceguard until Spaselopedus uncloaks them. The Sentinels, Astra Ande and Rurn Roines convince him to help them and they continue to Ozmodin.


On Ozmodin, Linda gets lost while they attempt to contact the Underground. Spaselopedus discovers the KIT operative who destroyed the research facility. He also discovers that KIT operatives have memory-chip implants that allow their activities to be monitored or retrieved. The Sentinels rescue Linda from jail and and Spaselopedus captures the Operative, Croloon Zamonus in order to use his 'cyber memories' as proof of the deed.

Spaselopedus and the Sentinels escape from the police on Ozmodin and head off for Earth because he has learned from Zamonus' memchip that Earth is now a target of the KIT because they have hyperspace capability.

During the trip, Zamonus takes Linda hostage because he wants to get off the ship. Seeing Linda in danger causes Spaselopedus top realize his feelings for her. He confronts Zamonus directly because it's his duty to protect her. Zamonus finally tosses Linda away and charges at Spaselopedus. He dodges aside and Zamonus falls down the ladderwell and dies. The memchip transmits its information into the Sentinels ship's computer upon his death.

They continue to Earth but are stopped by Eruithairkans, an alien race who inhabit space surrounding Earth. The Sentinels cannot proceed, but Spaselopedus convinces the Eruithairkans to take himself and Linda to Earth.

For religious reasons, the Eruithairkans cannot approach Earth closely so they put Spaselopedus and Linda in a lifepod and launch them away. When they arrive on the moon, Lunacorp brings them in and rescues them.


Spaselopedus discovers the identity of the Operative on Luna just as the reactor goes down; it is Kiprim. Many of the compartments on the base are sealed, so Spaselopedus and Linda make their way down to the reactor. Kiprim is waiting and has already killed several people.

Linda distracts Kiprim while Spaselopedus struggles to open up compartments using the computer so that the repair crew and security can get down to the reactor. Linda is hit and Kiprim menaces her. Spaselopedus swings down on a hook-hoist and kills him with a single blow. Linda cradles Spaselopedus' unconscious form and realizes her feelings for him.


In the infirmary, everyone calls him a hero, but Spaselopedus only wants Linda to be all right. Kiprim is dead. Earth is safe (for now). Spaselopedus is offered a job as a consultant for the second Pod.

They are given a recuperative leave which they spend at Barbara's homestead. After a joyous reunion they watch the sunset and tell each other their feelings for one another. Spaselopedus decides to remain on Earth.