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This was an exercise given to us in drama class. The idea was to set up and perform a scene using only this dialog. I lucked out and don't remember ever having to do it in front of the class. However, I always wanted to translate it into Esperanto...

Well Nu
Well I'm here Nu mi estas cxi tie
So I see Ja mi vidas
Yes Jes
Well Nu
Is that all you can say? Cxu vi ne povas diri pli
What do you want me to say? Kion vi volas min diri?
Nothing Nenion
Nothing? Cxu Nenion?
You don't trust me Vi ne fidas al mi
It's not that Ne estas tio
Then what Kio Do
Never mind Ne gravas
Stop it Cxesu tion
What? Kio?
That! Tio!
I can't Mi ne povas
Try Penu
Is that better? Cxu tio plibonas?
This is hopeless Tio senesperas
What's the matter? Kio misas?
I don't know Mi ne scias
You don't know? Cxu Vi ne scias?
No Ne
Tell me Diru al mi
I can't Mi ne povas
Then go Iru do
I will Mi iros